DBCC CLONEDATABASE to generate a schema and statistics only copy of a user database in SQL Server 2014 SP2

Microsoft released SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 2, which contains a new command: DBCC CLONEDATABASE. This new command creates a clone of a database’s schema and statistics (not the data of tables). Since it has the statistics, it is useful for troubleshooting, investigating, and diagnosing performance issues.

This will eliminate your production database to diagnose query performance tuning on problematic procs or TSQL.


in the following example, I have cloned adventureworks 2014.

Syntax: DBCC CLONEDATABASE (source_database_name, target_database_name)

dbcc clonedatabase([AdventureWorks2014],[AdventureWorks2014_Clone])

for more information please read Microsoft KB article.



dbcc clone

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