SQL Server Performance Killers —Part1

Do you have a performance issues in your production SQL DB’s, Please check one of the following or many of them are your likely killers.

  • Insufficient indexing.
  • Inaccurate statistics.
  • Improper query design.
  • Poorly generated execution plans.
  • Excessive blocking and deadlocks.
  • Non-set-based operations, usually T-SQL cursors.
  • Inappropriate database design.
  • Excessive fragmentation.
  • Non reusable execution plans.
  • Frequent recompilation of queries.
  • Improper use of cursors.
  • Improper configuration of the database transaction log.
  • Excessive use or improper configuration of temp db.


As a DBA ask yourself few questions why there is a bottleneck.

  • Is there any application consuming lot of resources on the same server?
  • Does SQL server is properly configured?
  • Is the capacity of resources and subsystem with stands maximum workloads?
  • Is the database connection with SQL server and application is expected way?
  • Does the database design/Data modelling enough to retrieve data very efficient and fast?
  • Does Database meet 3 rd Normalization?
  • Can we do Reverse Engineering on logical and physical?
  • Does any entity has many to many relationship?
  • Are the user sql queries are optimized to reduce the load?
  • What is the acceptable performance for your application?
  • What are my top 10 costly TSql/proc? are the execution plan is  costing more? where?

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